Friday, September 23, 2016

Be a White man, don't bash White women.

Bashing White women as 'degenerate sluts responsible for the invasion because they're eager to import subhumans for sex' has zero value for the Cause. It is merely a release of frustration by sex-starved betas. It's anti-White propaganda that has little basis in fact.

An article by someone "on our side", based on a more objective article, felt the need to add comments like:

"Is this why women are so eager to import these Third World migrants?"

"This is some of the first hard evidence "Refugees Welcome" really means "Refugees Welcome in my vag."

The gist of articles like this isn't that we should condemn the few perverse White women who do this (of course we should); rather, it's that White women in general are sluts whom we should blame for the invasion.

Blaming our women for the invasion obviously isn't going to impress deluded normies who don't think there's anything wrong with it in the first place, who think nonwhites are the same as us 'on the inside' and therefore should be welcomed. Saying White women are degenerates will, if anything, just give them another reason to hate themselves and think we're stupid for wanting to exclude nonwhites as 'inferior'.

And it doesn't boost the morale of men like myself who are in this Cause mainly Because the Beauty of the White Aryan Woman Must Not Perish from the Earth.

We must in the first place inform the deluded normies that nonwhites aren't really the same as us 'on the inside'. We must emphasize that the act of miscegenation is degenerate -- not White women (or men) in general. Some of our people have been deluded to engage in perversity, and we must put the blame for the delusion and for the invasion where it belongs: the tribe's academia and media.

That quotation I cited above admitted that there is little real evidence that large numbers of White women lust for these filthy rapefugees. It's mostly a sick porn fantasy that perverts like to conjure up. Polls show, to the contrary, that women oppose immigration more than men do.

Above all, men who want to lash out with their frustrations at women need to appreciate that women are an integral part - the most beautiful part in fact - of the single biological organism that is our race. We can't expel them. To bash them is to bash ourselves. The Chosen and their deluded SJWs are doing a good enough job of that as it is; do we need to pitch in and help? Let's unite and beat them, instead.


  1. It's a bit silly to propose repealing the 19th Amendment or otherwise restricting women's rights when we can't even stop the nonwhite invasion of our country. This is something to sort out after the paramount objective of survival is achieved, and hardly worth arguing about at this point.

    My idea on voting rights is that 1) Anyone dependent on government assistance can't vote, as such people naturally vote to make government an instrument of plunder; and 2) The vote must be earned by contributing to society; men must do this by military service (etc.) or tax-paying, and women must do this by having at least two children. This should eliminate the problem of more liberal women voters, while also giving women an incentive to procreate. Note that a woman who rears two children without taking any assistance is either a) married to a good husband or b) an independent earner herself.

  2. All throughout the Middle East and Africa anti-whites are putting out ads and spreading all over social media that non-white men need to go to Europe because White women "want/need" them. It's disheartening that a few but very influential White men are falling for it and spreading it with a sick twist that White women "crave non-white d*ck".

    The original article said "prostitutes" and the guys think they represent all White women? Are the prostitutes White and WHO PAID for them to go to the camps? Why wouldn't Soros pay to send prostitutes to the camps as "volunteers" to reinforce the false narrative being spread in the Middle East and Africa?

    Pushing this anti-white war propaganda is only going to encourage more non-white men to invade and rape because they think that's what we want them to do. Because that IS what they are being told.

    And the fact that most White women want NOTHING to do with non-whites and in polls oppose immigration more than men is being completely ignored can only be taken as they want to encourage hatred against White women amongst their readers.